• Letter of Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic


    Why we organize and program for adults? Isn’t Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic writer for children? – These were only several of questions that we were asked regarding our project Ivanomania.

    But, when adult read Ivana’s work it can’t stay indifferent – whether it believes or not in fairy tales. That feeling gave us inspiration for our project that we organize every year.

    Since there is no offer for adults in time of manifestation ‘In world of fairy tales…’, that was also one stimulus in realization of our idea. Can’t adults feel fairy tale?

    We got confirmation of our believes recently, and from Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic herself. In letter from 1925. where she answers to certain Mr. Mihail next:

    “.. tell him that those stories I spoke directly, as adult; that I spoke stories to myself, again adult and that my endeavor was that all ethics, esthetics and philosophy that I keep in me, implement in those stories . After that, that wasn’t child literature for me – it is only childish in that real and pure ethics and philosophy can not be different but naive…”


    Ivana Brlic Mazuranic - pismo