Ivana Brlić Mažuranić


Ivana & Brlicevac

Ivana embraced Brlicevac with all her heart. It is a place on a small hill near Slavonski Brod. Every summer and autumn she spent time there with her family. Life in Brlicevac, its diversity, family gatherings and social life rich with celebrities of that time are recorder in scrapbook Brlicevac. Brlicevac is the place where little shoemaker Lapitch is headed to world – ‘to breake in boots and indicated in seven villages and in seven empires, and today indicates to only two ways of saving and sustaining: WORK AND HONESTY’

Villa Brlicevac

Villa Brlicevac is valuable heritage of Brod’s most prominent family – Brlic. It presents durable material trace of historical development of the city ant it is very important in cultural map of Croatia. Representative villa was built around 1882. on a family possession as a wine estate with a house. Villa Brlicevac is registrated historical monument of Croatian architectural heritage.

NGO Brlicevac

NGO Brlicevac was founded at 2008. with the aim of preserving and presenting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage associated with the life and literary creation of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić