• Ivanomania 2015

    Cultural virus Ivanomania spreads and this year in honor of great Croatian writer Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic.

    During the week 13th – 18th April we hold several activities for citizens. And we are sorry for canceling a Literary Evening with Rujana Jeger because of health issues.

    Ivanomania starts with opening exhibition of children’s work (Elementary school Bogoslav Sulek) in Urban Caffe Mojster. Also, we present welded sculptures by Tihomir Sarajcic and 3D pictures by Filip Mrvelj.

    Storyteller Sandra will tell Fairy Tales in schools, main square – Korzo and Museum.

    Ivan Lutz presents new wave of Brod’s literates and will have lectures in two high schools.

    There is Dancing Evening for everyone interested in dance.

    In Brlicevac, there will be acoustic concert by young Matilda Pudic and stars watching with AD Gea X.

    At the end there will be two bike tours. First is for adults – In search for truth, and second one is well known bike tour for children – Cool Tour de Brod.

    Last day there will be sweets for Ivana’s birthday.

    After festival, we are preparing new activity in cooperation with NGO Zebrica that is surprise for now.


    We hope that You’ll enjoy!

    IVANOMANIA_Program  IVANOMANIA_Lutz   IVANOMANIA_biciklijada_veliki_plakat IVANOMANIA_BajkopricalicaSandra IVANOMANIA_biciklijada_plakat  IVANOMANIA_NocPodZvijezdama

  • “Apprentice Lapitch” translated to Turkish language

    A “Brave adventures of Lapitch”, a novel for children written by Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic, is just translated to Turkish language and published in Turkey in 5.000 copies. Croatian – Turkish society informed us about that information. And that society coordinated that project and participated in it – said Esma Halepovic – Decevic.

    It is the first translation of that novel to Turkish language, and main translator is Zinnur Ameti. Big influence in connecting several institutions was Turkish Embassy in Zagreb, and agency “Kalem” has engaged Nesin Yayincillik (Publisher). Croatian – Turkish society covered translation costs and other costs were covered by publisher.

    The book has been exposed at 33th Istanbul Book Expo.

    Â Croatian – Turkish society will give one copy of this book to several Croatian libraries, at cities connected with Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic, an in next year will organize presenting of this book in those cities.

    Novel about Apprentice Lapitch, with over 130 editions, is the most translated Croatian novel. It is translated to numerous languages (Chinese, Japanese, European languages, Hindi, Esperanto…).

    This is truly great news for Croatian literature and such initiatives present great shape of promotion our countra and literature.

    Regarding NGO Lima, we are preparing for Ivanomania 2015. in Slavonski Brod!

  • Lima and Brlicevac in Ogulin

    NGO Lima and NGO Brlicevac visited 9th Ogulin fairytale festival last weekend. Cultural ‘virus’ Ivanomania keeps spreading, now in Ogulin.

    In those two days we saw how it works in Ogulin where we met professionals and great people, visited House of fairy tales (their latest project) of Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic.

    This festival is made into several spots: around main city square and around it. You can buy books at promo prices, paint faces, buy souvenirs.

    At the main square we presented our 3D paints made by Filip Mrvelj. During this festival Filip had open workshop where he made 3D art work with Reygoch and mountain Klek as main motives.


    Ogulin - Filip Mrvelj Ogulin - biciklijada


    Many people took pictures with our work, and it was real attraction. Secon scene was in the castle nearby. There is House of fairy tales, latest project of City Ogulin. House looks like old house from outside, but inside it is a modern interactive museum.


    Ogulin - Kuća Bajke2 Ogulin - Kuca bajki1


    We thank our hosts for truly pleasant and great weekend, especially Ms Ankica Puskaric. Also, we agreed cooperation in future projects. This festival lasts 3 days every year and we recommend this fairy trip with notice that House of fairy tales of Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic is open for visitors every day.


    Ogulin - vlak Ogulin - Bajka

  • Letter of Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic


    Why we organize and program for adults? Isn’t Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic writer for children? – These were only several of questions that we were asked regarding our project Ivanomania.

    But, when adult read Ivana’s work it can’t stay indifferent – whether it believes or not in fairy tales. That feeling gave us inspiration for our project that we organize every year.

    Since there is no offer for adults in time of manifestation ‘In world of fairy tales…’, that was also one stimulus in realization of our idea. Can’t adults feel fairy tale?

    We got confirmation of our believes recently, and from Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic herself. In letter from 1925. where she answers to certain Mr. Mihail next:

    “.. tell him that those stories I spoke directly, as adult; that I spoke stories to myself, again adult and that my endeavor was that all ethics, esthetics and philosophy that I keep in me, implement in those stories . After that, that wasn’t child literature for me – it is only childish in that real and pure ethics and philosophy can not be different but naive…”


    Ivana Brlic Mazuranic - pismo

  • Ivanomania – Report

    Project Ivanomania has just finished. Ivanomania is presented as only one positive virus that started to spread around the world. Project consisted from next activities:

    1. 3D art workshops
      Those activities were held by Filip Mrvelj – Croatian 3D street artist. Workshops were organized in 3 elementary schools in Slavonski Brod. Over 50 children participated in these workshops. Their work was presented during Ivanomania manifestation as photo attractions.
    2. Bike Tour de Brod – Cool Tour de Brod
      This bike tour presents innovative approach with aim of showing children that culture and learning aren’t boring. In this (1st in a row) bike tour over 20 children and their parents participated on bikes and made tour around cultural heritage of Slavonski Brod with tourist guide.
    3. Flash mob – Ivanomania
      As overture into opening of city manifestation we organized flash mob Ivanomania that lost its form because of big interest of special designed 3D canvas of Filip Mrvelj. Students od Music school performed this flash mob intended for online promotion.It can be seen at this link.
    4. Ivanomania
      This is manifestation in honor of Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic. During this period (6.-12.4.2014.) we organized several workshops and expos.
      Fairy teller Sandra Vukoja was telling her stories to kids at main city square – Korzo, kids in hospital, and schools (Milan Amrus, Blaz Tadijanovic).
      Tony Bongo (Anton Pesikan), percussionist from Sarajevo, held special designed music workshops for children.
      There were two expos – Tihomir Sarajcic with welded fairy tales characters and Krunoslav Samradzic with children from Bogoslav Sulek school with their paints.
      People enjoyed and Dance Ivanomania which was made by Veronika Kunstovic.
      In Brlicevac there was workshop of making paper characters (Jadranka Francisko).
      Matilda Mueller – Fingerica presented her work at Korzo. And last day was mustache bike tour ‘Chasing Lapitch’.
    5. Travelogue ‘Tales of Long Ago of Master Knjazonja’
      Last activity in this part was arrival of famous Croatian movie director and maker of great TV shows Robert Knjaz. At the end, that was pleasant company between Robert and visitors. Robert spoke about his trips, different cultures, his beginnings.

    In this project over 500 children and youths directly participated. Adults visited activities that were made for them. With marketing activities, over 30.000 people in region saw news about this project only in facebook.

    Official project movie can be seen at this link.

    During this year there will be other activities as project Ivanomania connected with Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and helped in any way to make this project!



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    • Robert Knjaz Slavonski Brod predavanje

      Robert Knjaz Slavonski Brod predavanje

    Master Knjazonja in Brod

    Our last activity was lecture (Tales from long ago) about travels of famous Croatian TV face Robert Knjaz, who was, just for today, a character from tales of Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic.

    In front of over 50 visitors Robert talked about his beginnings at Dugave TV, OTV, projects and anecdotes that made people laugh. Also, people could pick a travel so Robert introduced everybody about that travel, cultures and new information.
    Robert came in Slavonski Brod with his mom.

    After the very interesting lecture we gave him a ‘virus’ Ivanomania so he became a real Master Knjazonja, character from tale of Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic.

    He promised that he’ll arrive again next year.