• “Apprentice Lapitch” translated to Turkish language

    A “Brave adventures of Lapitch”, a novel for children written by Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic, is just translated to Turkish language and published in Turkey in 5.000 copies. Croatian – Turkish society informed us about that information. And that society coordinated that project and participated in it – said Esma Halepovic – Decevic.

    It is the first translation of that novel to Turkish language, and main translator is Zinnur Ameti. Big influence in connecting several institutions was Turkish Embassy in Zagreb, and agency “Kalem” has engaged Nesin Yayincillik (Publisher). Croatian – Turkish society covered translation costs and other costs were covered by publisher.

    The book has been exposed at 33th Istanbul Book Expo.

    Â Croatian – Turkish society will give one copy of this book to several Croatian libraries, at cities connected with Ivana Brlic – Mazuranic, an in next year will organize presenting of this book in those cities.

    Novel about Apprentice Lapitch, with over 130 editions, is the most translated Croatian novel. It is translated to numerous languages (Chinese, Japanese, European languages, Hindi, Esperanto…).

    This is truly great news for Croatian literature and such initiatives present great shape of promotion our countra and literature.

    Regarding NGO Lima, we are preparing for Ivanomania 2015. in Slavonski Brod!